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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Come on! Vamonos!

Who hasn't heard of Dora the Explorer, the cute Latina tyke that taught generations of children to speak Spanish and English at the same time, as well as the knack for adventuring and problem-solving?

What makes Dora doubly lovable to both kids and parents alike is that she also teaches good values to kids. Dora is always helpful to those in need, always resourceful with her backpack and a map, always loving to her father, mother and grandparents, and already has a sense of social responsibility at such a young age to the animals and the environment.

Dora's appeal to kids make hosting a Dora-themed party a sure-fire success. We share with you our ideas for a charming adventure-filled Dora party.

Click here for more Dora the Explorer Birthday Party Theme.

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homedecorpro said...

Not having kids I had never heard of Dora the Explorer until a friend's kid mentioned her and is obsessed with her.

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Birthday Party Ideas said...

Wow! If I show this post to my daughter I know what she will ask for her next birthday party.
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Sandra said...

Dora the explorer is such a fun theme for the perfect girl!

Anora said...

I really like your idea very much.Birthday is an event when all the kids and family members are gather in 1 place to celebrate the party...
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Derry Hubs said...


Birthday party and it's time to start planning! put an idea board of what you would like to do! I think so many of us are looking for party ideas!

Have a nice day...!!

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water slides inflatable said...

She would be loved by everyone, I too, always see her TV show episodes, love to see she is also speaks in Spanish.

Mary Stratton said...

Thanks for sharing these ideas. I myself is working for an event management company in Dubai. I loved the ideas shared by you.

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